The Ultimate Asset Protection Structure is simple, powerful and affordable.

The structure that provides to assist its clients in protecting their assets is getting more and more attention as people realize it can serve them the minute they have something of value that anyone could go after in a lawsuit.

If you have:

1.Equity in real estate
2.A Business with some net worth
3.Other valuables such as cash or a trading account
Then you need to consider the Ultimate Asset protection Structure.

Here is how it works:

KMAGB creates a Wyoming LLC and they capitalize it for you by recording a Promissory Note. Then they create and record individual liens that are in compliance with each state’s lending rules and regulations.

Once these liens are recorded against your real estate and/or business, there is no equity showing for any litigant to pursue.

This avoids lawsuits and protects one’s assets to infinitum provided you:

1.Set this up PRIOR to any lawsuit being initiated against you
2.Keep it current by renewing the LLC
3.Keep it active and enforceable by following the Promissory Notes terms and conditions
4.Do not engage in any business that can create liability for the LLC

CMREI gives you the simple instructions to follow and you remain in full control. They even show you how transfer any large sums of cash reserves or any large trading accounts or other valuables onto the LLC to protect everything for you with the special Operating Agreement that stands in any federal court.

This is because Wyoming has a special protection code against Charging Orders. This structure is so powerful that even if someone sues you and wins, they cannot collect one penny. Better yet, they could end up with a tax bill for phantom income.

This fact discourages litigants from the get go and makes them settle or drop the lawsuit much earlier in the process.

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