KMAGB Asset protection Structure helps people from all walks of life is a company that helps individuals and companies set up the most powerful, yet simplest and most affordable asset protection program.

Basically they eliminate any equity or net worth showing under your name or your companies name by recording legal liens against each asset in full compliance with each state and county and make them all payable to a separate entity that you fully control.

This structure is valuable for most people who have some net worth or those who are having a change in a life style.

Here is a sample of the people KMAGB can help:

1.Home Owners with equity in their homes
2.Investor/dealers who buy and sell (flip) real estate
3.Investor/Landlords who buy and hold real estate
4.Business Owners with receivable, equipment, inventory etc.
5.Single people getting married but need something better than a pre-nuptial agreement to strip any future equity values in their assets
6.Post-nuptial agreement for those having a friendly separation or divorce
7.Those who want to avoid probate delays, fees and complications when they die
8.Those with high cash reserves or trading accounts (They can transfer them to their WY LLC bank account or open a trading account under the WY LLC)
9.Those who may file bankruptcy down the road (After 3 + years have a better chance to keep maximum assets to get a fresh start)
10.Those who engage in any business endeavor that has a risk with consumers, staff members or potential liability with products or services
Contact us to schedule a free no obligation one on one review to see how this Asset protection Structure can help provide you with peace of mind.

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