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KMAGB & its ASSOCIATES does not offer legal or tax advice without consultation with certified professionals with related appropriate skill and expertise. The information contained in this website is for general guidance on matters of interest only and should not be considered as guidance for financial, estate planning, asset protection or tax decisions, or a substitute for specific professional consultation. KMAGB & its ASSOCIATES is not a bank, legal firm or CPA. KMAGB & its ASSOCIATES offers asset protection services and one structure formation for asset protection. KMAGB & its ASSOCIATES state that our structure can be set up in 72 hours for your Peace of Mind, which is accurate once we receive 100% of the information requested upon purchase. **Required information from paid client’s includes: Profile, Deed(s), Parcel Information, Description(s), Business Value, and/or any and all Information mapped out in our On Boarding Process with the Client. We cannot and will not start the process until all information has been shared accordingly with KMAGB & its ASSOCIATES. Depending on your timeline we can structure our work for you within 72 hours once we have all the On Boarding Components in our hands.

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