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Who is at Risk and in the Line of Fire?

Are you in a profession with a high degree of liability, such as a Physician, Lawyer, Real Estate Developer, Investor, or Business owner, etc)?

Have you accumulated wealth, or are you about to receive an inheritance or a large check because you are selling your business?

Do you own commercial real estate like an apartment building, a storage facility, a mobile home park, or a hotel?

Has the value of one of your properties been reduced to less than the amount of your mortgage, but you have other properties with lots of equity, so the bank is refusing to do a short sale?

Do you own a gun or any sort of weapon?

Do you have teenagers driving your car?

Do you own a dog?

Do you have excess credit card debt, and are unable to make the payments but have equity in your properties and/or your business?

Do you have cash reserves sitting in a bank account?

Do you hold securities valued at over than $25,000 in a trading account? 

Do you spend time wondering what would happen if you end up in a lawsuit because of something you did, are doing, or are planning to do that has high liability and/or exposure? 

If you answered YES to at least 2 of the 11 questions above you are at risk and must take the proper steps to discourage anyone from suing you first, then protect your assets and net worth when (not if) you get sued.

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