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The Ultimate Lawsuit Avoidance, Asset Protection, and Asset Preservation Package

Acquire Peace of Mind in 72 Hours

Have you ever been in a lawsuit? Have you ever heard of people who got wiped out because they got sued?  Do you have assets you worked hard to acquire and would like to keep? 
Within 72 hours, our Asset Protection Structure can give you a lifetime of peace of mind from any lawsuit whether big and small that can disturb your life and wreak havoc over your business affairs.

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Your net worth (including any cash sitting in a bank account)
Your home(s) (Primary residence AND vacation home)
Your investment properties (anywhere in the US)
Your business assets (in any state)
Your trading account Your cars and your boat

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Don't Think it Can Happen to You?

If you feel you are out of the line of fire, then answer this…. Do you drive? Or do you invite friends, family members, business associates or other people to your home to celebrate special occasions, or hold business gatherings or social events?

Risk is everywhere, yet statistically only 38% of people structure their affairs properly in addition to having the insurance coverage they should have. 

Asset Protection is a subject matter no one really likes to talk about. If an attorney mentions it, people think he or she is selling doom and gloom. If an investor complains about it, people react negatively to him or her. If a business owner expresses concerns, people respond with the standard, ”Increase your insurance coverage.”

Sadly however, do you realize that 2 out of 3 businesses get sued? Do you know that through your lifetime, the likelihood of you getting sued is 80%?

Meet Cherif


One of the things I’ve always tried to do in my trainings is to be open. To be transparent. I like sharing my life and my career with my students, and I love it when they share theirs with me.

During the course of my career, I have been personally involved in dozens of different businesses, hundreds (maybe thousands) of real estate deals, thousands of stock market trades, and numerous other endeavors. Many times I’ve been successful. Many times I have failed.

But no matter the outcome of a particular business, deal, or trade, I always learned from it. If it was a success, I took note. If it was a failure, I REALLY paid attention! The point is, my success rate has improved along the way. That’s because of the thought processes I’ve developed when it comes to evaluating opportunities. And I call these principles and thought processes my success formulas.

Today, someone can approach me with any deal—with any business opportunity—and I can make the decision based on these formulas. I hope you’ll use them to enhance your investing, business, and personal life as well.

Get Your Asset Protection Structure Now - Starting at $4,995!

Your Asset Protection Structure Starts at $4,995

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Who is at Risk?



Find Out If You Could Be At Risk
View these few questions and if you answer "yes" to at least 2 of these questions you are at risk.

Don't Think it Can Happen to You?



Do You Drive?
Or do you invite friends, family members, business associates or other people to your home?

Think You Have Enough Insurance?



Three Steps to Success
While insurance coverage is a must, many times smart insured people do not read the exclusions part of their insurance.